Winter Storm Watercourse Protection

Notice to All Residents of Woodside

As storm season has arrived, the Town would like to remind property owners to maintain watercourses within their property. Driveway culverts are also the responsibility of the home owner and shall be kept free and clear of debris. 

This maintenance will help as the Town of Woodside does not have a formal storm drain system, as many other jurisdictions do, and relies on the natural creeks and earthen channels to facilitate drainage to the bay. The Town consists of publicly and privately maintained culverts, ditches, and swales that flow to the creeks. Town crews work diligently to maintain public drainage facilities throughout the Town. Together, we can keep our channels flowing and continue to maintain water quality throughout the Town of Woodside.

Please note that doing work other than maintenance and altering the drainage pattern (diverting flows, installing pipes, etc.) may require a Site Development Permit. Please check with the Town. 

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