After a Permit Is Issued


This document will walk you through some of the most common questions asked during the course of construction and what are some of the basic requirements prior to finaling of a project or building permit.

Building in Horse Country

These posters are required to be printed in 11 by 17 format and posted at the job site, prior to the start of work. The posters are required to be posted both in English and in Spanish. Poster is located in the supporting documents section below.

Determining Department Final Inspections

Final inspections shall be scheduled and performed with all reviewing departments. To determine which departments need to perform a final inspection; on the left-hand side of the permit card, view the section that lists the reviewing departments, such as, Building, Planning, Geology, Engineering, Woodside Fire Protection District, Fair Oaks Sewer District and San Mateo County Environmental Health. All departments must finalize prior to scheduling a Building Department Final.

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