Photovoltaic System (Solar) Submittal Requirements Checklist

Use this checklist to assist in providing all the required information and documents to submit a complete building permit application and plan package for the proposed scope of work. If you need further guidance, Building staff is available to assist. Please have this checklist signed and dated along with your submittal materials (application, plans, supporting documents, cash/check).

Systems with Batteries: See the additional submittal requirements handout below for PV systems that include batteries.

This handout is designed for the average submittal. Each project is individual, additional submittal requirements and or information might be necessary based on the complete scope of the project.

The California State Fire Marshals office has issued Bulletin Number 14-011, in regard to fire classification and roof-mounted photovoltaic modules.

Submittal requirements for: Expedited Solar Photovoltaic for one and two single family dwellings, roof mounted under 10kv.

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