Emergency Preparedness

The state and federal government suggest that the average person should be prepared to be on their own, without any assistance for a minimum of 3 days.

As evidenced from disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, Northridge, and the Bay Area earthquakes, response times in major disasters can be longer, typically 7 - 14 days, depending on the nature of the event and the extent of the damage.

In the event of a major disaster, the best way to make your family and your home safe is to be prepared before disaster strikes. Disaster can strike quickly and without warning. Depending on the nature of the event, you could be forced to shelter-in-place without water or utilities, or you may need to evacuate. There are many things that you can do to prepare yourself for a disaster. To avoid being overwhelmed, make it a family effort. Don't forget about family members with special needs, children, the elderly, and pets. In the Bay Area, we hear a lot about being earthquake-ready, but disasters could also be winter storms, landslides, and wildfires.

Get A Kit - Make A Plan - Be Informed

The following are links to a variety of websites that provide great information on being disaster-ready.

Visit the San Mateo Office of Emergency Services website - San Mateo Office of Emergency Services provides helpful tools and information on how to prepare your family and home for a disaster.

Learn more about SMC ALERT - SMC ALERT is an alert notification system used to immediately contact you during urgent or emergency situations. You can set alerts to send emergency and non-emergency text and voice messages to your:

  • Email accounts
  • Cell phones, smartphones, tablets
  • Voice messages to landline phones

Visit WPV-Ready - WPV-Ready serves the Woodside Fire Protection District, which includes the Towns of Woodside and Portola Valley and some adjacent unincorporated areas. WPV-Ready's primary goal is to promote emergency preparedness and response capability at the citizen and neighborhood level in the event of a disaster that overwhelms traditional emergency response resources.

Explore Woodside Fire Protection District - Woodside Fire Protection District.

Additional Helpful website links to disaster preparation information

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