Recycling, Composting & Garbage Collection Services

Recycling, composting, and garbage collection in Woodside is sometimes confusing to residents trying to go green. In fact, Woodside is managing its waste very well, but you might not realize it!

All garbage in Woodside is collected by GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. You can contact GreenWaste at 650-568-9900. Residents are provided with separate bins for recycling, garbage, and compostables (garden and food waste). Residents have the option of providing their own green waste bins, or they may rent one from GreenWaste. When the material is collected from residents, dual-compartment trucks use one compartment for recycling and one compartment for garbage and compostables (garden/food). The only reason residents are separating garbage from compostables is because they pay for service based on the size of their garbage bin and they can use a very small bin if they separate out their compost materials. Commercial establishments serviced by GreenWaste, including Woodside Elementary, co-mingle all of their garbage and compostable material into one container with recyclables being the only material separated.

All residential and commercial waste material collected from Woodside is sorted at the GreenWaste Material Recovery Facility. The facility uses a sorting process that involves a sequence of mechanical processing and hand sorting, during which any landfillable garbage is extracted from the compostable materials. By sending all of its waste to a sorting facility, Woodside diverts 98% of its waste from the landfill! The average amount of waste diverted from landfills for all of GreenWaste's customers is 75 to 78%. Woodside actually does an amazing job minimizing its landfill trash, but you might not know this when you're walking around Woodside and you don't see any recycling bins.

Why is Woodside different from other neighboring communities like Palo Alto or Redwood City? Just because Woodside has no recycling bins downtown, but actually recycles all of its recyclables, does not mean neighboring communities do the same thing. You may have noticed compost bins at schools in Palo Alto, or commercial recycling bins in Redwood City. Even if these communities are serviced by GreenWaste, they have different service contracts depending on their needs. In Palo Alto, for example, there are many more commercial establishments, and more high-density housing, so GreenWaste sends separate trucks for compost, recyclables, and garbage, and unlike Woodside, garbage materials are not sorted after they are collected.

Separating your garbage, recyclables, and compost is a great habit to build for families, because when you're not in Woodside, it's very likely that the garbage is not sorted after it's collected, and you need to dispose of your waste properly to minimize landfill trash. And the best way to be help minimize waste? Be aware of what you buy and avoid products with a short life span or excessive packaging!

Additional information about solid waste can be obtained from RecycleWorks - a program of San Mateo County.