Geotechnical-Soils Report Requirements & Resources

Geotechnical-Soils Report Map & Peer Review Matrix

The geological matrix and associated map is provided to assist in determining when a Geotechnical-Soils Report will be needed and when it must be peer-reviewed for a particular project and/or permit. Please see the map and the matrix in the related documents.

Geologic & Geotechnical Report Library

Through many years of permit review, the Town has built up a substantial library of Geologic and Geotechnical Reports which provide site specific data and analysis. These reports are available for review. The Geotechnical report found in the related documents lists all of the reports available for review. If you wish to review a report, please contact the Town Clerk at 650-851-6790. Typically, it will take two days to have a report available to review at Town Hall.

Geologic Map

Please see the Town of Woodside Geologic Map in the related documents. This map was significantly updated on July 28, 2017.

Contract Town Geologist

Cotton, Shires and Associates, Inc. can be contacted for general inquires at 408-354-5542 or by emailing Cotton, Shires and Associates, Inc..

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