Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs

Pool covers are required for all new pools and spas per the Towns municipal code 150.40 (1)

1) Section 492.6(a)(2)(D) is modified as follows: "Covers are required for outdoor pools and outdoor spas, when not in use, for all new outdoor pools and outdoor spas constructed after the effective date of this ordinance."

Pool covers are required for all new pools per 2022 California Energy Code. A cover for outdoor pools or outdoor spas that have a heat pump or gas heater.

All new pools and/or remodeled pools will be require to have two out of the seven forms of drowning prevention safety features specified in SB 442. Sec. 4. 115922.

SB 442 SEC. 4. Section 115922 of the Health and Safety Code is amended to read:

115922.(a) Except as provided in Section 115925, when a building permit is issued for the construction of a new swimming pool or spa or the remodeling of an existing swimming pool or spa at a private single-family home, the respective swimming pool or spa shall be equipped with at least two of the following seven drowning prevention safety features:

View the completed 442 bill.

All remolded or new pools and spas are required to be equipped with a drowning prevention feature complying with California Codes Health and Safety Code Section 115920-115929 and the California Building Code 3109.4

3109.4 Residential swimming pools. Residential swimming pools shall be completely enclosed by a barrier (Fence) complying with Sections 3109.4.1 through 3109.4.3.

Exception: A swimming pool with a power safety cover or a spa with a safety cover complying with ASTM F1346 need not comply with this section. However you still will need at least 2 forms of drowning prevention features complying with CHSC 115922 and SB 442.

The pool barrier / enclosure shall also meet the requirements of the California Health and Safety Code section 115923.

California Energy Code Requirements for pools - CF2R-PLB-03-E : The CF2R-PLB-03-E shall be submitted to the Town prior to the scheduling of the pre-plaster inspection. See link below to this form.

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