How many sets of plans do I need?

The Town is now accepting digital building permit submittals. Please submit via emailing the Project Managers. Fees are paid by cash or check. Submittals are accepted when all fees are paid. Certain types of projects may still require hard copies to be submitted, the permit technician will inform you. Please check with Planning and Building Department staff at 650-851-6796 and we will assist you with any questions.

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1. When do I need a permit?
2. Does a shed require a building permit or any other type of permit?
3. How do I apply for a building permit?
4. What are the hours of construction?
5. How do I look up a permit record?
6. How many sets of plans do I need?
7. How much are the fees associated with my permit(s)?
8. What are the limitations of the Town's annual grading moratorium?
9. Do sheds and/or structures under 120 square feet require a Zoning Compliance Permit?