Sandbags Available at Town Hall

Sand and sandbags are available at Town Hall for Town of Woodside residents and businesses for the purpose of storm response and flood protection.

The sand is located in front of Town Hall as shown on the location map.

Sandbag Location Map

Sandbag Location Map

How to Fill a Sandbag

How to Fill a Sandbag

Proper Placement of Sandbags

Proper Placement of Sandbags: Download this flyer on the proper placement of sandbags provided by the County of San Mateo Public Works Department. 

Disposal of Sand Bags

Sandbags used during a flood event may have come in contact with a myriad of substances, including: sewage, petroleum or other chemicals.

Do not place filled sandbags in your normal garbage or at the curb for disposal. Full sandbags will not be picked up. Proper sandbag disposal is the responsibility of the user, whether that person is a resident, business owner, government entity or not-for-profit organization. If your sandbag was provided by The Town of Woodside or the County of San Mateo or another source, proper disposal of the sandbag remains your responsibility.


  • Consider the contaminants to which your sandbags may have been exposed before handling and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (e.g. gloves, goggles).
  • After handling sandbags, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.


  • If your sandbags have been contaminated, they should be properly disposed of.
  • Uncontaminated sandbags may be stored on your property for reuse. However, mold can become a problem if they are wet. Ensure sandbags are stored in a dry place.
  • Burlap and plastic sandbags free of contaminants may be reused at other flood sites or for a different use such as construction or permanent earthen structures.
  • Uncontaminated dirt or sand (contents of the sandbag) may be reused on your property assuming the material is not used to fill a wetland or other protected area.
  • Clean empty bags may be reused or disposed of as other waste would be (please dispose of clean, empty bags in mixed compostables bin - garbage bin).


  • Full sandbags placed in the garbage or at the curb will not be picked up as a part of your normal garbage collection.
  • Proper disposal varies based on what has come into contact with the sandbag.
  • Contact Green Waste Recovery for additional information at: 650.568.9900


  • Contaminated sandbags and their contents should not be reused.
  • Contaminates might include sewage, petroleum or other chemicals.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment when handling and ensure areas that come in contact with contaminated sandbags are disinfected.
  • Sandbags contaminated with petroleum and other chemicals may have to be disposed of as hazardous waste, and laboratory testing may be required to determine if this is the case.

Contact Green Waste Recovery for additional information at: 650.568.9900