Public Records Request

Public Records Act Request Guidelines

Public records in the physical custody of the Town that are not exempt from disclosure will be made available for inspection or copying as set forth in these Guidelines.

  1. Requesting a Public Record
    1. Any person may inspect public records of the Town during the days and hours that the Town Hall is regularly open for business in accordance with these Guidelines. Public records will be available for inspection only at Town Hall.
    2. To ensure the proper identification, tracking and processing of your Public Records Act Request, fill out a copy of the Public Records Request Form and submit the completed form to the Administration Counter staff in Town Hall. A copy of your completed request form will be made for you.
  2. Town's Obligations
    1. 1. The Town can provide the following assistance so that you make a focused and effective request which reasonably describes an identifiable record or records:
      1. Help you identify records and information that are responsive to your request or to the purpose of your request.
      2. Describe the information technology and physical location in which the records exist.
      3. Assist you in completion of the Public Records Request Form.
    2. The Town will respond to your request as follows:
      1. If the requested documents are readily available at Town Hall and if immediate production of the requested documents is feasible based on staff availability, the documents will be made available at the time of your request.
      2. If that is not possible, the Town will respond to your request within ten days indicating whether or not the Town has the requested records in its possession, whether the records are subject to disclosure and if so, when and where they will be made available. Actual production of the documents may take somewhat longer depending upon their ease of availability and staff workload. Where unusual circumstances exist, the Town may, by written notice to you, extend the time for response up to 14 additional days.
    3. If your request is for a record that is stored in an electronic format, the Town will, if you request, provide the document electronically.
    4. The Town may refuse to disclose any records that are exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act as determined by case law, the Attorney General, constitutional provisions, or applicable privileges held by the Town, such as pending litigation, attorney-client, attorney work product, preliminary drafts and personnel files.
    5. The Town may refuse to respond to duplicative requests.
    6. Functions of the Town will not be suspended to permit, and public records will not be made available for, inspection during periods in which such records are reasonably required by the Town personnel in the performance of their duties.
    7. Public records in the possession of the Town may be inspected only in the presence of Town personnel. Physical inspection of such records will be permitted at Town Hall. When inspecting records at Town Hall, it is your responsibility not to destroy, mutilate, deface, alter or remove any such record or records from the location designed for inspection. The records must be physically returned in the same condition as when received, upon either the completion of the inspection or upon verbal request of Town personnel.
    8. The Town will provide copies of any requested, reasonably identifiable public records not exempt from disclosure upon payment of the following fees, whichever is greater (unless a lesser statutory fee is applicable):
      1. $0.15 per page; or
      2. The direct costs of duplication as charged by an outside service.

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