Appeal Form

Please complete the Appeal form to appeal a decision of staff or the Planning Commission. You may submit additional attachments to the form to provide the necessary information for your appeal.

All appeals must be filed with the Town Clerk within ten (calendar) days after the decision of staff or the Planning Commission. Per the Woodside Municipal Code, the appeal must be in writing and must provide information addressing all of the items below to be considered complete. The required appeal fee as adopted by the Town Council must accompany an appeal. Prior to submitting your appeal, please check with staff regarding the amount of the appeal fee due. Appeals will not be accepted without the required appeal fee.

  1. Brief project description. (Improvement requested by property owner)
  2. Brief description of decision being appealed.
  3. If applicable, Application Number of project being appealed.
  4. Relief or action sought. (Reversal of decision or change in conditions of approval, etc.)
  5. Provide a written statement listing all findings made by staff or the Planning Commission which you contend were made in error and why. You may attach other sheets. Please attach all documentation supporting your request.

After your Appeal is submitted, time is needed to prepare a report and to comply with a 10-day public noticing period prior to the Planning Commission or Town Council hearing date. Please note that August has a legislative recess, which means there are no Planning Commission or Town Council meetings.

  1. Jennifer Li

    Town Clerk

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