Sewer Services

Fair Oaks Sewer Maintenance District
Phone: 650-363-4100

Town Center
Phone: 650-851-6790

West Bay Sanitary District
Phone: 650-321-0384

Piped sewer services (not septic systems) are provided within the Town of Woodside by the Town within the Town Center Sewer District and by the County of San Mateo within the Fair Oaks Sewer District. Both the Town and the County have on-call personnel to respond to emergencies and sewage backup/overflows 24/7. It is critical that these sewer providers be contacted as soon if you notice any sewage backup/overflow on or around your property.

If your property is within the Town Center District, call 650-851-6790 during business hours. After business hours call the Town's maintenance company West Bay Sanitary District at 650-321-0384.

If your property is within the Fair Oaks District, call 650-363-4100 at any time during the day. During non-business hours calls will be connected to County Dispatch and they will get in touch with the County's on-call staff.

The related document below shows the Town's Sewer Areas and Districts. Properties/parcels outside of this map shall be on septic.