Siding & Windows

Replacement or Change of Exterior Siding Material

A permit is required for replacement or repairs of exterior siding. The replacement shall comply with California Building Code (CBC) section 707A: Exterior Covering, when the replacement of the wall exceeds 80% of the exterior wall surface to an existing building or structure within any one year period from the date of permit final. The exterior venting in the affected area of work only shall be replaced with exterior venting complying with section 706A. If the weight of the new siding is 5% or greater than the existing siding, Structural Engineering may be required per current CBC section 3403.3. Download the Submittal Requirements: Siding and Windows (PDF).

WUI compliant exterior siding product list can be found on the State Fire Marshall's website under category 8140.

Window Replacement Requirements

A permit is required for all new or replacement windows and shall comply with the following: California Residential Code (CRC) section R303 - natural ventilation requirements. Exterior windows, window walls, glazed doors, and glazed openings within exterior doors shall be insulating-glass units with a minimum of one tempered pane, or glass block units, or have a fire resistance rating of not less than 20 minutes, when tested according to ASTM E 2010, or conform to the performance requirements of State Fire Marshal standard 12-7A-2, located in the California Referenced Standards Code, Part 12 and Chapter 35 of the California Building Code. Download the Submittal Requirements: Siding and Windows (PDF).

There are requirements for Window Replacements (PDF) as part of the 2019 California Energy Code

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