Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Submittals

Use this checklist to assist in providing all the required information and documents to submit a complete building permit application and plan package for the proposed scope of work.

EV Charging Systems must be installed in accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions and in accordance with current codes, California Electrical Code (CEC), California Residential Code (CRC) and current California Building Code (CBC). Wiring methods in Chapter 3 of the CEC must be applied to each installation.The EVCS must be listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL). A third party field evaluation would be required for any chargers not listed.

Please Note: Installing an Electric Vehicle (EVCS) charging system will require changes to building wiring and may also require upgrading the electric service main panel to meet the needs of this specialized equipment. Before installing charging equipment and associated infrastructure, talk to your EVCS manufacturer for information about what you need to charge your vehicle and what regulatory requirements there might be.

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