Boards, Commissions & Committees


The Town of Woodside is assisted by 11 citizen advisory committees, the Planning Commission and the Architectural and Site Review Board. These bodies are charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Advise the Town Council and the Town Manager on matters within their area of responsibility and interest, under articles of the General Plan, as prescribed by the Town Council and its ordinances and resolutions.
  • Help focus attention on specific issues and problems within their scope of responsibilities and recommend actions and alternatives for Council consideration.
  • Act as channels of communication and information between Town government and the general public, including groups with interests related to the work of the advisory bodies.
  • Consider and assist in reconciling contradictory viewpoints and provide direction toward achievement of Town-wide goals.
  • Encourage citizen participation in the definition and formulation of Town goals and actions for their achievement.
  • Balance community desires with municipal responsibilities and resources.

From time to time, the Town Council appoints ad hoc committees to gather information on a particular area of interest or concern and make recommendations to the Town Council as a whole. These committees meet at the direction and call of the Town Council. Ad hoc committees will identify key issues, research alternative solutions and make recommendations to the Town Council for policies related to their assignment. Once the ad hoc committee has completed a final report or recommendation on the area of assignment and the report is accepted by the Town Council, the ad hoc committee is disbanded.

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